Privacy Policy


In order to carry out your research, I need to collect some personal information about you and/or your family members. This information will be stored securely and only used for research and accounting purposes.  You have the right to request details of any information held about you at any time. 


After your research is complete, all data will be archived to a secure location in case you should wish to add to your family records in the future.


I am registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and am therefore required to store your data in a secure location and limit access to it.


I do not collect debit or credit card details.  If you wish to pay via PayPal, this information is collected on their secure website.  If you do not wish to use PayPay you may pay by cheque or bank transfer.


I will only use your email address to contact you about your research.  I will not pass it on to any third party or use it for any newsletters or marketing purposes.


I will not contact any member of your family whose details I need to use in my research without your permission.





Terms and Conditions




I will make no charge for an initial enquiry. If you wish me to carry out research on your behalf I require you to send me as many details as you have available.  I will then undertake a preliminary investigation and inform you whether it would be worthwhile to continue.  I will also inform you if I think there is too little information to proceed further.  There will be no charge for this initial investigation. 


If you wish to proceed, I will require an initial deposit of £50, 100 or £150 (depending on the package you choose).  Payment may be made by debit or credit card via PayPal.  If you would prefer to pay by cheque or bank transfer then please contact me to arrange this.




Once the deposit has been received, I will continue with the research.  I will keep you regularly updated via email of my progress.  If it becomes apparent that information is unobtainable for one branch of your family, I will advise you and, should you wish me to continue with the data available, adjust the final payment accordingly.




If you wish to pay by instalments then please contact me to discuss the options.


Completion, Final Payment and Delivery


Once the research and documentation have been completed I will inform you and request the final payment.  When this has been received I will dispatch the your research in the format you have requested (hard copy or electronic).  I will inform you when this has been done.  All documentation remains the property of EveryAncestor until the final payment is received.


Terminating the contract.


If you decide you wish to terminate the contract before completion, you must let me know as soon as possible.  I will then calculate the total cost for the work undertaken and inform you.  On payment of this amount I will dispatch all research notes and documentation produced so far.




Deposits are non-refundable.  The final payment is due upon completion of the contract when all the work will be handed over.  This is also non-refundable.




You should be aware that many historical records may be damaged, destroyed, inaccurate, illegible and prone to producing conflicting information. In particular, the spelling of names may vary considerably as people wishing to record events may have been illiterate and had to rely on someone else to document the information for them.  The spelling would then be dependant upon how the person recording the information understood it to be spelt. Transcribed records are open to errors in the transcribing and rely on the accuracy and understanding of the transcriber.  Consequently, research into family trees is susceptible to unintentional factual errors.  Although I take every possible action to verify my research, I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information available.  Should you have any reason to doubt my investigations then please let me know and I will endeavour to check your suspicions and amend my report.


Linda Taylor, trading as Every Ancestor.