I have been researching my family tree in earnest for about 15 years and have undertaken research for family and friends.  As a recently retired Applications Developer I am enjoying using my analytical skills to fathom out the labyrinth that is family history.


I am at present completing an Advanced Diploma in Local History with Oxford University.  I am a member of the Society of Genealogists and many local family history societies.  I subscribe to numerous Family History websites - unfortunately no one website contains everything you may need for researching!


I really enjoy tracing my own family tree, although I haven’t quite found any who came over with The Conqueror!  However, I have made a connection to the Sarsons family (of Sarsons Vinegar fame) and with the help of a fellow researcher who advised me of a book published in 1939 by a family member who traced the tree then, I am able to trace the family back to 1532 and have the history of the probability of the family immigrating from the Middle East about 1158 - the Sarson name possibly being derived from Saracen.


Although the aim of many researchers is to trace families back as far as possible, for me the interesting aspect of research is to learn about the everyday lives of the everyday people.  They may not have been nobility; rich or famous but they are equally important in the history of their country and their families.