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Who Do You Think You Are?  A popular television programme has many people thinking about their own family history.  New babies are often told they have their father’s eyes; grandma’s chin or great uncle’s nose!  How much else have they inherited?  Does my daughter and her cousin’s love of horses stem from their great great great grand-father’s career as a carter and his Mounted Infantry Certificate in the First World War?  Is it just a co-incidence that I and a number of cousins of the same generation settled to careers in computers, even though we’re all descended from some-one who was sentenced to a year’s hard labour for poaching back in 1820? I can see my grand-mothers love of animals re-appear in my grand-daughter and it’s an amazing experience to be able to bridge that gap.


Do you know who you are?  Will you join me on an amazing journey to find out?


I won’t guarantee to find members of your family or trace your ancestors back so many generations like some researchers.  I cannot guarantee that all the records we need are still available, so many have been destroyed over the years.  What I will guarantee though is to do the best I can with the material available.  This will usually mean finding your family through birth, marriage or death certificates to trace them to the 1911 census and using this and any certificates back to 1837 together with census returns back to 1841.  If we’re lucky this should ensure that we find your ancestors born in the early 1800s or even late 1790s. It may be possible to trace your ancestors further back than this as there are many other sources of records including parish records, wills, probate records, house deeds, military records etc. 


Before you get worried about the cost of this research, take a look at my fixed price packages.  You can choose one to suit your needs and budget.  They can all be upgraded as and when you wish.


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Lin Taylor